Saturday, July 17, 2010


Cheltenham beach in Winter on the North Shore 

Intro Spatial Computing – Interior Space exercise


Some bigger pictures showing the exterior and interior spaces for the ‘Interior Space’ exercise


Exterior View from back
Exterior View from front
Interior View 1
Interior View 2
Interior View 3
Interior View 4
Section 1
Section 2
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spatial Design: Intro to Spatial Computing (Part 2 - Assignment 2)


Choose one model or drawing you have made in studio this semester. Use Rhino to design an interior space based on your chosen model or drawing.
Submit an A2 sheet including:
• images of the original model or drawing
• rendered interior and exterior views
• plan to scale
• sections or sectioned perspectives to scale
• a written poetic description of your space


Concept model in card (approx 15cm high, 12cm wide)
Exterior Views created in Rhino

05ExtView5 06ExtView6
Front and side elevations

Playing with interior objects and lighting

Plan view for ground floor
Sectional elevation for ground floor


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Spatial Design: Intro to Spatial Computing (Part 2 -Exercises)

Second part of the semester had focus on Rhino with progressively more complicated assignments totalling 4. Initial project was creating differently sized blocks and stacking them to create a model of the ‘ Fujimoto Final Wooden House’. Second project was to create a hotel room in the style of Zaha Hadid. Third project was to create a cube with voids and use Adobe Illustrator to create a print format vector based diagram. The fourth was to create an interior space from a series of solids that had been joined and cut out to create an interesting space.


1. Fujimoto Final Wooden House


2. Hotel Suite


3. Void


4. Interior Space


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Spatial Design: Intro to Spatial Computing (Part 1 - Assignment 1)

A class per week for learning Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier and Adobe InDesign / Encore. Another week for learning AutoCad. An exercise for each program type.

This was followed by an assignment that incorporated each of these tools. Brief: Create a ‘visual essay’ in printed booklet form, together with a short film on DVD. A number of themes were provided.

A grave is called the ‘final resting place’. But this place is anything but final or restful. A grave and the cemetery in which it resides has a life of its own.

This visual essay investigates the decline of the burial places in the O'Neills Point cemetery in Bayswater. This is North Shore City’s oldest cemetery (North Shore City Council) and contains graves for deaths in late 1800’s to mid 1900’s.

The graves must have initially been structurally created with stone and cement, some embellished with marble and granite, and others more extravagant with tiles and mosaics. The graves are laid out in a seemingly random order and it would be difficult to find a specific gravesite (North Shore City Council).

Over the years these graves have worn away, been weathered by natural elements. Inevitably the site has changed. The elegant lines of headstones are withered and smoothed. Rain seeps into tiny cracks and over time jagged crevices are exposed. The supremacy of nature over manmade elements is evident.

Human destruction accounts for the deterioration too. The cemetery was described as a “troubled place to rest, due to vandalism and poor maintenance” (North Shore Times Advertiser, p. 9).

The living world is not a restful place, and perhaps the same can be said for the world of the dead.

Walking through the cemetery and experiencing the weathered, withered, worn sites brings up a number of questions. What is the effect of deterioration? Are the buried bodies becoming exposed? Is the respect for the dead diminished? Is the holiness of the site lost? Or is the space still beautiful in the deterioration?

The juxtaposition of intent and reality plays on the volatility of nature and human behaviour over time.

DVD Box:

Print Print

DVD Cover:


DVD Label:

Insert Cover:


Insert pages:

 Print Page2v03

Page4v02 Page3v05

The finished product:

P1000005 P1000006

 P1000007 P1000008


North Shore City Council. (n.d.). O'Neill's Point Cemetery. Retrieved April 14, 2010, from North Shore City:

North Shore Times Advertiser. (1994, November 01). A victim of time and vandals. North Shore Times Advertiser , p. 9.

List of images:

Insert - Back Cover

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Insert - Page3

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All other images

1. Crawcour, H. (2010) [Edited Photographs]

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Walk to school

Random photos during a walk from the ferry terminal to school on 8 June 2010, around 9am



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