Saturday, February 12, 2011

Headland–sculpture on Waiheke Island (Part 1)


Contemporary sculptures along Waiheke’s coastal walkway. Runs until Feb20th

Around 2.5km of walkway, taking you past over 40 sculptures, with extraordinary scenic views.

The sculptures for the most part seemed perfectly placed in the landscape, more like installations that made sense in that space.

I went along on a Friday morning and experienced a really hot sunny day. Thanks to all the volunteers that make this happen and take shifts during the day at points along the walk. You are amazing!

‘The Island’  
Headlands02 Headlands03
‘Comfort Stops’
‘Game Man’
Headlands06 Headlands04
‘Ethylene Monomer’
‘Green Car 666’
Headlands22 Headlands20
‘Lightfall’ - There are three of these leaves that I think were initially floating in the water below, but got damaged in the cyclone and then got re-positioned on the land.
Headlands14 Headlands15
Titled ‘You are Here’. A favourite piece
‘High Chair’
‘Dear Liza (there's a hole in my bucket)’ 
Headlands16 Headlands17
‘Andante’; at a number of points along the route were barrels of umbrellas. You were invited to partake in a ‘performance piece’ by holding an umbrella along for the duration of your walk.
‘French Knitting’
I remember as a child making long snakes of tubes using a wooden reel with four nails hammered in and leftover wool. A big scale version coils around a tree, made from plastic bags.
‘Gem, a gift...a talisman’
‘Barebottomland’ – life size figures in the landscape.
Headlands11 Headlands12

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