Friday, December 24, 2010

Architect’s drawer revamp


This is how I bought the drawers. The frame was rather unstable, the blue piece at the base of the front was falling off, many of the drawers were gouged. But the wood was good and solid, no insect damage. And those drawers – big enough to fit an A0! Superb!

drawers01 drawers02

I chopped the legs to make the height 750 high. Sanded the lot and then applied primer and undercoat.

drawers03 drawers04

Attached casters to the base of the legs. Then painted the frame in a very shiny black enamel. Cut wallpaper to size and glued that to the drawer fronts.

drawers05 drawers06

The end result:

drawers07 drawers08
drawers10 drawers09

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

K’ Road

Commonly known as K’ Road – Karangahape Road runs West-East across the lower part of Auckland CBD. Lots of cafes, boutiques, sex shops, take aways …

I visited on a Friday. Stopped in at Pocket Princess – a second hand clothing shop with the cutest name. There is one in Wellington too, but this one is mucho bigger. If you are willing to dig around there are some nifty bits to be gathered. I like that they group their clothing by colour. So you could walk in and throw together a white skirt, top, shawl and shoes within minutes. Next stop was Iko Iko. Gorgeous shop, but somehow the Wellington shop has more personality. Has all sorts of fun books, gimmick gifts, lovely printed tableware, trinkets, mugs, frames, puzzles … you could find a gift for anyone in there. The Third Eye was the next destination. Filled with clothing, scarves, jewellery from India, Thailand, Nepal and such locations. Such a wonderful array of colours – beautiful shop! Stopped in at a Japanese superette. This is noteworthy because there are plenty of Chinese supermarkets all about Auckland, but this was the first Japanese one that I had come across. I am sure there are plenty – just have not been looking out for them. Got myself a bag full of nori sheets, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and wasabi. Also some dipping dishes (see pic below – so pretty!)

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< Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox U-CA 50 > < Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox U-CA 50 > < Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox U-CA 50 >

Looking Up

We mostly look at the world either at eye level or looking down. In the recent weeks I’ve been looking up.

Up_08 Up_12 Up_06
Up_02 Up_03 Up_16
Up_01 Up_04 Up_15
Up_18 Up_11 Up_20
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Monday, December 20, 2010

City Inside 10: Animation Sequence

City Inside 09: Final Presentation



  FinalPres01 FinalPres02
FinalPres06 FinalPres04 FinalPres05
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City Inside 08: Concept Models


Card models experimenting with how light is reflected off angled planes, how forms can take up space within voids, how forms collide, the shape of negative space.

020 023 021
024 025 027
026 027 026
P1000548 - Copy P1000561 - Copy P1000564 - Copy
P1000581 - Copy P1000582 - Copy P1000590 - Copy
P1000600 - Copy P1000605 - Copy P1000609 - Copy
P1000544 - Copy P1000586 - Copy P1000579 - Copy
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