Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday strolling


After a breakfast of cupcakes (in special flavours of cocoa&coffee and cinnamon&lemon&raisin) we ventured out to the city. The plan was to wander around small shopping areas with speciality shops.

The weather was typically Auckland; patches of sun, patches of overcast windiness, a sprinkle of rain (luckily just one in our time outdoors).
Started in Elliot Street. I love the old Smith & Caughy building. This houses a big department store. There are two arcades that run between Elliot Street and Queen street that house some nice clothing shops, some cheap and cheerful toy / gift / general rubbish shops, a chocolate shop …
Another old building along Elliot Street.
Loved this door to Elliot Stables. It’s a big wood panel door with a glass insert. The glass is about the size of a standard door. So when you open the door it’s like you are opening a wall.

Elliot stables houses a number of eateries raging from Italian to Japanese. The delightful part is that the seating area is shared, so you can order from any of the restaurants and be seated at one spot.

We decided we would come back here for lunch.
We wandered around the Kapiti store. Kapiti produce a wide range of cheeses and phenomenally yummy ice cream. Tasted some brie and blue and an aged cheddar.
Then along Lorne Street where we stopped at La Couronne. These guys make incredible stuff! It’s French pastry with an Eastern twist. Red bean custard pastry, green tea mini swiss roll…

The items so perfectly formed and delicate we just had to buy a small piece each.
I went with the green  tea and red bean roll, Ryan went with red bean pudding. A great thing about these flavours is that the treat is sweet, but only just enough. And so light and delicate!
Then on to High Street. Popped in at Unity Books. Certainly a favourite bookstore. It’s smallish and crammed with books. But not a general selection of popular of the moment books, these are carefully selected, good books.
The back of a building on Little High Street. This is a side street off High Street that leads you to a number of fantastic little clothes shops and is also a shortcut into Whitcoulls and Queen Street.
Nice door on Vulcan Lane
Chancery Lane. Boutique shops for shoes, clothes, makeup and scent.
After this stop we walked up Queen Street to Real Groovy and made a selection of CDs. I chose Damien Rice and Ray La Motagne. Ryan selected Tom Waits and Nick Cave. We scored freebie Vitamin Water on the way out.
Back to Elliot Stables for lunch. It’s such a warm and comfortable space. Lots of wood and mismatched tables &chairs. Exposed and polished cement floors. Great moody lighting.
We selected Frankie’s. This served sausages – on a roll, with mash and gravy, in a hot pot…
And they had an SA boerewors option! As well as Black Label and Savannah cider. Savannah is something I have missed a lot so was quite keen to have me some of that. Ryan went for the boerewors option, I went for the sausage of the day – duck and orange.
After a scrumptious lunch we went back to Kapiti and selected some icecream scoops. Ryan went with Lemon Meringue and Apple Crumble. Seriously odd, but extremely delicious to eat ice cream that makes you feel all warm apple pie. I went for a mint ice cream and got a taster of liquorice. The liquorice ice cream was surprisingly good. But the taster was enough, the flavour was really intense.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Grey day in Rotorua

Overcast and chilly, serene and still, spectacular.

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