Friday, February 26, 2010

Cut Collective at Auckland Art Gallery

I went to see the inside and outside works of the Cut Collective team at Auckland Art Gallery this week. These are the pics from the stencil sprayed work on the outside. Inside is piles more work in different styles. Fabulous!

Doing the lazy thing here – the info below is from Auckland Art Gallery’s site:

20 February - 11 March 2010

For 3 weeks at the Gallery you will hear the sounds of shaking spray cans, spraying of paint and possibly a bit of music. While staff install works from all around the world for the 4th Auckland  Triennial, The Cut Collective is downstairs in the Art Lounge, giving it a temporary makeover with their 4th annual Public Access show from 20 February to 11 March.

The Cut Collective is six like-minded individuals with varied personal histories in art making. After working on and off together for a number of years they decided to make the ongoing collaboration more permanent by forming the Cut Collective. Public Access was created by the Cut Collective to examine both the opportunities and limitations that an environment, i.e. public vs private, gallery vs street can have on site-specific work. Specifically how the site affects the artists way of working and brings our new considerations and challenges.

Cut Collective say that in locating Public Access within a recognised art institution, the collective face a new raft of challenges as they inherit the traditions of public galleries around the display and viewing of art. For Public Access 2010, the Cut Collective have approached it with a clear reference to one of the traditions of street art, that of the 'establishment of the artist identity'. While comprised of six central artists, the Cut Collective has an inclusive philosophy where it recognizes the value in collaboration. They have worked with artists based in both Aotearoa, and the rest of the world.


they make me happy!

Abode – Mount Eden


This is the unit that we have been living in since Nov2009.


There are two units across three floors. The ground floor has two garages, these take up half the depth of the block. The first floor belongs to another couple and we live on the second floor.

It’s a metal box with a fair amount of light coming in from glass panes and windows. Unfortunately it cooks like a roasting dish in the oven when the sun is in full force. Maybe that will be a great thing in winter?
To get to our level we take four flights of stairs from the garage level. We’ve put up the Bali paintings and the black &white photos along the way to provide some inspiration during the long walk.
The unit is painted in off-whites, creams and greys. All pretty modern and neutral which is nice.
The living area is one open plan space. We did not manage to fit all the pieces of our couch in, so one bit is the second study.
The kitchen has wonderful metal countertops and a fantastic gas stove. Our bathroom has a double shower which is quite nice for the roominess. Unfortunately the water pressure is dismal, so two people showering at once is really not an option. house11
The neat study on the left and the not so neat study on the right. No prizes for guessing who resides in which.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Auckland Seafood Festival


The annual Auckland Seafood Festival is just spectacular. Saturday was a perfect sun shiny day. We went on the Sunday – when it rained…

But it was that odd Auckland rain that comes down in a bit more than a drizzle for about four minutes and then it disappears for about half an hour before making another appearance. So it was still a wonderful day out. It’s already in the calendar for next year!

Seriously big Paella Pans… …filled with mussels and prawns and all sorts of other good things. I went for a cold prawn and veg roll.
There were games for the little kids … …and the big kids (that’s prawn sharing with no hands allowed) Happy to see the prominent recycling option.
  Prawns on sticks – yum! Salmon kebabs – more yum!
Even though it was a grey-ish day, there were still some beautiful water scenes.    
    And some pops of colour here and there!
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Paper Cutout - Face


A small cut out I did some nights ago.

Year of the Tiger


It’s the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger.

These are some of the celebratory paper lanterns up in Auckland.

There will be a Lantern Festival in Albert Park 26 to 28 Feb – looking forward to that.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Round the bays walk

From St Heliers to Auckland CBD via Tamaki Drive.

Started in St Heliers and then walked about 11km to Auckland CBD to catch a bus back home. The walk in on the Google Map. It was an overcast but really hot day. Stopped at Mission Bay for lunch; sat on the beach to eat some sushi and drink a ginger beer.