Monday, December 28, 2009

Making Pretty #2

I wanted to do a paper cut out. I figured that I would follow a proven design to get the idea. So my first attempt was a copy of the work done by Heather Moore (in CT). Her flower cut outs are immaculate. The flowers (between an A5 and A4 size) took about 6 hours. It was really quite meditative work which was unexpected. Next I tried a quick design of my own. The intention was something that could be done in an hour. The cityscape is an A4 size. The design is much less complex and the lack of organic lines made it go a lot faster. Looking forward to some more of this.


Making pretty #1


After being inspired by the works of Evgeny Kiselev, I did some small (18 x 24cm) paintings. I have a third canvas of the same size which I think I shall do with reds.



Friday, December 18, 2009

High Street - Auckland

A street parallel to Queen that contains some very posh shops and hotels. Also some good and straightforward stuff – like the Red Bean Steamed Bun that I purchased from a Chinese Food street vendor. yum yum yummeee. It’s something that I have been craving for a while now and this one was fresh and hot and just sweet enough and just the right amount of oozy red filling. Also the Trade Aid shop on this road is a good stop. Lots of crafty, arty, pretty things from poorer countries.

A side street off High Street. Love the ‘floating’ lights suspended between the buildings.

Shop called Peter Alexander that sells sleep wear – good old fashioned PJs and slippers. From kids stuff to girly stuff to sporty stuff to sexy stuff and men stuff too.

This hotel recently had a ‘facelift’. The hotel was the first built in Auckland, was rebuilt in 1925 after a fire destroyed it. It has been given a refit that retains much of it’s original content and mid-20th C feel.

A peek into the entrance – an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair! Nice!

Detail from a tiled wall. The monochromatic scheme is perfect for the geometrically arranged hearts.
A Korean Pancake shop. This had a crowd of people when I walked past at the beginning of the High Street exploration and still a crowd of people an hour later. Shall have to try some of the fare to see what the fuss is about.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Street Art

I’m still making my mind up on where graffiti and street art fits in the world. There is great skill and talent required to complete these works, but like all art – sometimes it’s just ugly. What I am not enjoying is tagging. That seems to be an ego-centric malicious act in most instances.

Dominion Road, Mount Eden

Dominion Road, Mount Eden

Dominion Road, Mount Eden

Dominion Road, Mount Eden
Ponsonby, Auckland
< Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox U-CA 50 >
Cuba Street, Wellington
< Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox U-CA 50 >
Cuba Street, Wellington
< Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox U-CA 50 >
Cuba Street, Wellington

Dominion Road, Mount Eden

Dominion Road, Mount Eden. Looks a bit like a cubist inspired early Duchamp?

Dominion Road, Mount Eden

Dominion Road, Mount Eden. Cool play of colours.

Dominion Road, Mount Eden
Ponsonby, Auckland

Willis St, Wellington

Really quirky. Such good representation of all the elements.
K Road, Auckland

Street Ads

These are not new but they seem to be more prolific as Christmas rolls along. When the ad is clever or well designed then I appreciate it. When it’s spraying your logo randomly, that is really quite unimpressive.

Auckland, CBD

Greenlane, Auckland. ‘At Christmas it’s not the thought that counts … it’s the cash!’

Auckland, CBD

Mount Eden, Auckland

Mission Bay

15minutes from Auckland CBD is Mission Bay. Has a lovely long promenade, a big grassy section and a pretty beach.

Frozen yoghurts were delicious. Also a selection of decadent ice cream options available at the gelato shop.

There are lots of restaurants to pick from, we stuck with old fashioned fish and chips from this spot.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

La Cigale Market - Parnell

We headed out to La Cigale Market in Parnell. This has fruit and veg produce from local growers as well as deli type produce. We bought oyster mushrooms and pumpkin gnocchi for supper. Also went home with some red peppers, mangoes, broad beans, smoked salmon, smoke garlic and sea salt. 

I want a long bench just like this – especially on wheels!

The pumpkin gnocchi was absolutely delicious – a great alternative to potato. 

I liked the white eggs alongside the brown eggs and the speckled eggs.

Alongside La Cigale is Wine Sense. They have a great range of proper Champagne.

Seriously! $695 for a bottle of really old port.

The sun was really out – a gorgeous day!