Saturday, August 8, 2009

Botanical Gardens


Today was a spectacular sunny day in Wellington. Spent a few hours in the Botanical Gardens. The aim was to do the ‘Sculpture Walk’ but I kept wandering off the path to other interesting side paths so I think I missed most of it. But the path less taken was certainly fun and here are some pics from the day:






Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sculptural town

It’s raining and super windy today, so I am pleased that yesterday I spent a pile of time out and about. One of the stops was the ‘Affordable Art Show’ which was quite spectacular. Would love to have a couple spare thousand dollars to purchase a few pieces. These are some of the sculptural pieces that are along Lambton Quay in the the centre of Wellington. Luckily these are ‘free to view’ at any time …


On Lambton and Grey St

OK – not quite on Lambton – further down Grey Street to the TSB Arena

Up the side street just after Farmers.

Outside the very yummy coffee shop

Near the intersection with Willis