Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brynn’s stuff

A different kind of post. This time the photographer is Brynn; who is 4 years old I think? This is her view of the world on a Sunday afternoon.


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001 003 004
008 012 006
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Wairarapa Wine Festival



The Wine Festival was held on 21March. A three stage journey saw us on a bus to the Wellington train station, on a train to Canterton, and then on a bus to Ruamahunga River in Wairarapa.

Other than the tunnel section on the train, the journey was very scenic.

Upon arrival we were presented with our tasting glass that had a very nifty lanyard thingy attached – this kept a full glass of wine dangling from your neck in the upright position. Very useful!



W001 W003 W002
View through the train window The Ruamahunga River bank (try say that 10x fast)  


We started with a glass of wine each and then onto some food.

Ryan went for a venison sandwich with plum sauce and rocket. I went for sushi (which was really a bunch of rolled rice with some cucumber … sad sad).

Post lunch we progressed through a number of estates.

The wine varietals of this area are predominantly Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Sav Blanc and then a little Chardonnay, Cab blends and Rose.

The whites were all pretty good to excellent. The range of easy drinking to astoundingly complex was fun. The reds had some great glasses and some ‘throw out on the lawn’ glasses.

We were lucky to have a sunny day right until about 5pm.

The next day was cold, very very cold and overcast. So fortunate to have the opportunity to lie about on the grass, eat and drink and generally be merry.

There were a variety of musical acts performing, from country complete with fiddle, to a 60’s cover band. Towards the end of the day people were sleeping or dancing. Great to see even the oldies having a go on the dance lawn.


W005 W004 W007 W006
      One of the wine estates … nice logo I think
W012 W014 W010 W011
  Some people were better organised than others! There was a bunch of farm  equipment behind the tents – made for good jungle gyms for the kids Ryan doing the dance of joy complete with swinging wine glass
W008 W009 W013 W017
  Actual vine grapes that tasted surprisingly good.   The littlies danced …
W016 W015  
and the oldies too Ryan’s point of view by late afternoon.    

On the train back from the festival our nap was rudely interrupted by some loud Afrikaans conversation; the Bulls rugby team had just boarded the train.

Quite an amusing bunch (especially walking all crunched over to avoid bashing their heads on the ceiling of the train)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The walk to the house

Once the bus drops us off, we walk about 300m along the main road. That piece is all fabulous – moderate ups and downs. And then – the great 4 stage uphill to get home.

From the main road we take a right into TikeTike. There are steps on the left to get you started. The rubbish that you see at the bottom – that’s recycle stuff. Tuesday evening the residents along TikeTike bring their paper, glass, plastic, metal down to the main road for collection on Wednesday.   After you have completed the stretch from the previous picture, you get to the crossing. Over to the right to the walkway you go and keep going up.
Home3   Home4
The ginger and white kitty from the house on the corner. He is a big guy.   This is where the car was on the prev, previous picture. So a bend to the left and then …
Another uphill stretch. That silver car at the top belongs to our neighbour. They are kind enough to let us borrow this when times are tricky.   There is a weeny bit of flat just before this stop and then one last uphill.

At last - #43 appears and you can collapse on a couch.

Tuesday Textures

The arty bits from the Tuesday walk … lovely textural bits and pieces….


Texture6 Texture1 Texture4
Texture5 Texture3 Texture2

St Patricks Day

Tuesday 17March – St Paddy’s Day. Was a gorgeous autumn day so I took a walk at around 5pm. First was to say goodbye to Mr Darcy and kick him out the house. Then walked into town via the park. Cut across town using Victoria street and went strait to the water’s edge. The photos below are all within a 100m space.

Saying goodbye to Mr Darcy – the cat from next door who likes to sleep under the desk while I am working on odds and ends. I think he loves the great music I play.

Heaps of joggers in the late afternoon sun.

Aerial action 1: The airport is very close to central Wellington. But cant say I have actually ever heard planes flying over.
Aerial action 2
This is for Karin.

And yes – the  St Patrick’s Day festivities were in full swing. Every Irish bar looked much like this one on Cuba street. The people of Wellington are always keen to dress up – quite wonderful.